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7th August, 2014 : Hello there! It's been a long time. Miss me? *muntah hijau*

10th Oct, 2011
: Yey! LI dah nak habis. So, presentation, log book & report. Mana? Entah... Hehehe~

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Wahh~~ after a month i've been so loyal to UNISEL.. at last.. cinderella comes home.. ^.^ but like always.. from UNISEL around 11.30 am.. i make sure that i’ll be home before Maghrib.. where i went..?? hahahahahaaa~~ macam biasa la.. merayau-rayau di MidValley sana.. ngee~~

As i planed.. i wanna watch 2012.. but since everyone are so busy with their things.. and I’m sooo not in the mood.. even for shopping.. so I decided just to have meal as much as my tummy can accept.. and cause of i am so hungry to secret recipe’s tom yam soup.. i just make plan to have it for my lunch.. with frosty watermelon as ‘pembasah tekak’.. my lunch are just so not complete if there’s no indulgence.. right guys..?? hahahahahaaa~~~

I’m not really not in the mood actually.. it’s just that i bring along a heavy ‘stuff’ of mine from UNISEL.. that cause me lazy to walk much.. with the stupid Ipanema sandal that love to ‘cacatkan’ my foot.. urghhh~!!! hate..!! hate..!! hate..!!

As i’ll spent much time by eating at SR.. i wonder if they had wi-fi services for the customer.. so i asked the waiter if the restaurant had wi-fi services.. huhh~~ kedekut betul.. the waiter even suggest me to ‘tarik’ the coffee bean n tea leaf café’s wi-fi.. OMG.. funny guy.. but.. duhh~~

Another thing that set me down was.. i have traveled so many times.. but don’t know why i didn’t fine the boutique that i’m looking for.. how weird.. but at last I found it.. yeyy~~! there’s a jeans that ‘catch’ me before.. i looked for it.. cause i want to have it.. but.. it was not on sale anymore.. waaa~~ how sad.. it’s the second most simple beautiful jeans that i ever seen so far.. I really want it damn much.. but when it’s time for me to get it.. its.. its.. hmm~~ dah tak ada rezeki kan.. nak buat macam mana.. huu~~ aQ pasrah.. -.- i’ll try to find it at Jusco Bukit Tinggi tomorrow.. hope they got what i want.. [pray..]

Bila dah bosan.. aQ pown jalan tak tentu arah.. I decided just to go home.. aduh~ started from MidValley station.. untill Klang Station.. just then i got a seat.. memang menguji kesabaran lutut dan tulang belakang aQ nie kan..

Sampai station KRU.. Ila amek.. naik motor di kala hujan mencurah ke bumi [pehal aQ nieh..??].. and finally.. I reached home.. HOME SWEET HOME.. my palace my happiness.. ^.^ 

Malam tuu.. lepas maghrib mak ajak makan kat luar.. mak ajak makan pizza.. well.. when it comes about cheese.. i’ll be fine with everything.. hmm~~ Domino [‘dadu dua’ bak kata iIa.. hahahaaa~~].. here i come..!! ihikk~~ aduh~ bahagi punya bahagi.. pizza tuu ade la 1 kotak juga aQ bantai.. bukan selalu aQ balik kan.. so my Mak spoil me so much.. she promised me KFC pulak for tomorrow.. heheheheee~~

Habis makan pizza.. my Mak pulak yang tertarik sangat-sangat dengan ais krim budak tuu.. another things gonna ‘check-in’ to my stomach…. you are so welcome.. hehehehee~~~

Okey.. i’m the driver tonight.. my Mak asked to go to McD.. Ayah and Alang tak ikut.. so we bought them Big Mac.. another stop center.. and it’s just about food.. hahahhahaaa~~
Sampai rumah.. no.. no.. even dalam kereta lagi aQ da bantai fries ayah.. sampai rumah.. lepak jap.. give some short break to my tummy.. 15 minutes is enough right..?? hee~~ okie.. kita sambung makan ais krim tadi.. weeee~~~ makan fries juga lagi.. yippyy~~ fries cicah ais krim perisa oren ubat batuk.. okey laa.. not so bad what rasa dye.. uhh~~

Ayah makan Big Mac tak habis.. apa lagi.. aQ dengan niat suci murni tulus ikhlas pown membantu ayah habiskan juga Big Mac tuu.. tak baik kan membazir.. membazir tu kan amalan syaitan.. ;p at last.. i ended my day with Big Mac..!! heheheheeheee~~ lol~

* makan makan makan – selagi boleh nie.. kita kasi tarroo saja.. okeyh..?? heheheheee~~~*