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Friday, December 11, 2009

sekian lama..

It’s been weeks I didn’t blogging.. hmm~~ it’s all for exam weeks.. kind of missed Kira Bintang sooo much..!! ngee~~ and since then, I have lots and lots of story to share.. and I always have a special story.. so lets start..!!
Let's begin the story with memory on 1st December.. we celebrated Iba’s birthday.. it supposed to be on 30th November.. but since we going to have our first examination paper.. so we had to delayed her birthday party.. [party ke..??] hehehee~~ we celebrated it as simple as the time runs fast.. [cewah~] ye laa.. kata minggu exam kan.. konon-konon nak jimat masa untuk belajar la tuu.. ceyh~~ :p after we finished the Introduction on Principle of Finance paper.. we straight away went to PP.. where the surprised plan began.. Aman a.k.a Mr. Botak played a role as the baker.. I mean he’s the one who’s going to buy the b'day cake.. Wani, Angah and Me played a role as the drama Queens.. which is to act any roles as long as Iba can’t see the cake.. as well as to make sure the plan runs smooth.. however, there’s a thing I have to do at the print shop.. so, I asked Angah to back up my role.. as Iba notice that I’m going to the print shop.. she wanted to join me cause she want to buy prepaid.. o oww~~ I can smell something wrong here.. to be at the print shop, we have to past the bakery shop first.. I can’t stop Iba from joining me.. so I walked slowly and stop walking.. cause we getting near to the bakery shop.. and Aman is there.. so I have to text him to hide from Iba.. then we walk like normal.. for Iba laa.. for me.. I felt like I’m her bodyguard.. covered her from turn her head left.. fuhhh~~ lucky she just walk menonong je.. hahahahaaa~~ i printed something.. of cause.. and Iba already bought her prepaid.. she wanted to come back to Angah at the mini mart... oh God~~ I’m not done yet with my 'things'.. how if she saw Aman at the bakery..?? huuu~~ luckily Angah came.. we trio lepaking there until I’ve done my 'things'.. and we went to Aman’s car.. He and his 'wife' already there.. okay.. let’s go to the kedai makan..!! it’s after a raining day.. so the outside tables all wet.. so we chose to sit inside.. it’s not an options actually.. hee~~ we ordered the menu.. the drink came first.. Aman walked to his car and took out the b'day cake.. we talked as usual.. make some jokes.. played eye contacts.. hehehee~~ when Aman came.. we started singing the b'day song.. while singing.. Iba said.. “da laa.. tak payah laa..”.. [dengan kecewanya..].. and when she saw the cake.. she said.. “eahh..??”.. hahahahahaaa~~~ she didn’t notice that the cake is coming.. she thought we sang for wishing her belated b'day.. that’s why she sound disappointed..hahahaa~~ we took some pictures.. heyy~!! it’s a must..!! heee~~ even it’s a simple 'party'.. for me it’s one of the sweetest things we had since i know these guys.. cool~~ ;)
Since the exam week began.. I think that’s the special things happened.. others just simple days..
Then.. it is 10th December.. where our last paper will end our suffer for this semester.. fuhh~~ everybody became so lazy to study.. even Iba sleeps more either.. me..?? don’t ask.. you got the answer if you know me well.. ngaahaaa~~ ayat gedik.. the Business Communication exam’s held at IPIS.. hmm~ what a nice place.. makes you warm and active.. whatever... exam start at 2.30pm.. and end at 5.30pm.. when the times up.. we just straight away went back to hostel.. ready to chill out..!! at last..!! besides, it’s Aman’s bday on that night.. so, we hang out and celebrate his bday pulak.. Iba didn’t join us.. her Rizal came for the last time before ‘fasting’ month.. hehehehe~~ :p but for the first time, Angah asked her mom’s permission to overnight with us.. and it’s passed..!! woww~!! Hee~~ great..!! at least i had a friend to accompany me.. cause Wani sure la with her Aman.. plus Aman invited other three friends of him.. so i wasn’t look blur.. cause their language already makes me can do nothing unless laughed and laughed.. aiye~~ *lims* hahahahaaa~~ so story bout the night.. we met at 8.30pm.. of coz Aman took us in front of the guard house.. so we went to Jln Dato’ Haron and pick up Azwan [if i’m not mistaken..].. waiting for him makes us feel as it is our part time job.. huhh~~ so we moved on to pavilion.. bought movie tickets for seven person.. who the other two..?? I don’t know.. then we rushed to a place name .. err~~ i can’t remembered.. but it’s already late.. so we find another restaurant to celebrate Aman.. another restaurant are close too.. lastly we decided to find a restaurant along Bukit Bintang.. and we chose to eat at Tarbush.. hmm~~ quite expensive.. but okay laa.. not for every day rite.. then we started to know the other two guys.. Fadhil and Raja..?? ye ke..?? lantak laa.. hee~~ OMG.. the restaurant could fall down just by our laughs.. we were there for almost two hours.. azwan bought seven pieces of cake as the last minute cake to celebrate Aman.. hahahaa~~ okay la kan.. without candles.. Aman blow the lighter.. hahahahaa~~ we sang bday song.. and ate the cakes.. yummy~~ lepas makan ktorang pergi la tengok wayang.. storm warriors.. ngahaa~~ first time ever tuu tengok cerita cina kat cinema.. agagagagaa~~ okey la gak movie tuu.. banyak sangat effect.. tapi paling best rambut Aron Kwok maintain gituu.. walaupoun angin kuat.. salute la bro.. ngahahahaa~~ :p abiz tengok wayang ktorg pown bersurai.. ayat karangan tuu beb.. ahakz~ lepas hantar Azman ktorg lepak mamak.. aQ sempat gak terlena.. siap mamai pulak tuu.. wahahaa malu malu.. *.* abz ktorg balik.. and tidur sampi tak ingat dunia.. aiya~~ besh2~~ sangat rnidu mereka semua.. muuuaacchhh~~ ~ ^.^