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7th August, 2014 : Hello there! It's been a long time. Miss me? *muntah hijau*

10th Oct, 2011
: Yey! LI dah nak habis. So, presentation, log book & report. Mana? Entah... Hehehe~

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Since tak de kerja cuty2 sem nie.. kerja aQ on9 je laa.. blogging.. abiz tiap hari aQ post cite baru.. heehhee~~ :p tak pown intai blog2 orang.. ke blog orang tuu.. orang nie.. and most blogs aQ suka lepak blog2 yang ade recipes and blog business.. business cupcakes.. business apparel like tees.. blouse.. etc.. but the most attracted me is blogger that sell handmade accessories.. so kiut and adorable.. well.. girls kan.. mesti la suke tengok benda2 kiut nieh.. hihiii~~

And just now found a very kiut little things.. handmade amigurumi.. irresitable cute..!! amigurumi..?? amigurumi is a rough Japanese translation of "knitted or crocheted stuffed toy"(quoted from Cute Designs)..

Check it out.. ^.^

[ithe owls..!!]

[the monkeys]

[kawaii frog..]

* from UK lorhh~~ >.<