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10th Oct, 2011
: Yey! LI dah nak habis. So, presentation, log book & report. Mana? Entah... Hehehe~

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Who ever thought that HEART is indescribable.. when talk bout heart.. it must be bout LOVE.. comment me if I'm wrong.. either it's beautiful or painful.. it still cause by love.. even devil have heart.. but devil have love.. they love cruel and mean things.. see.. it's all about the 'L.O.V.E.' word.. why..? cause it is from heart.. from the bottom or the top.. it's always bout heart and love..

Some people say that money can't buy love.. yes, it's true.. but doesn't it sound lame..?? ya.. it's not a deny that money can't buy love.. but love can suffer if they live without money..


Once upon a time.. there's a naive girl who falls in love to a man who mostly like a prince.. he's so charming.. he is a very handsome guy.. he love his family so much.. for him family will always come first.. he's very rich.. not by his father's or family wealth.. but rich by his own effort.. has a very adorable smile.. full of sense of humor.. he's so likable by anyone who see him.. so creative and active.. never let any chance of life to just blow away freely.. he's always be an independent guy who will never hope on other shoulders..

* see.. sebijik macam karakter putera raja dalam fairy tales kan..?? wahahahahaa~~

But.. what I'm telling is not a fairy tales.. it will be like a fairy tales for those people who do not know this guy.. but the truth is.. this guy is really exist.. yeah~ there's no such a perfect person in this world.. well.. I didn't say that guy is perfect.. there must be somewhere somehow some error on him.. hahahaa~ just.. let don't talk bout people weakness here.. ok..!! ^.~

So the story begins..

One day.. this naive girl came to a 'party' which led by the 'prince'.. at first.. the naive girl were thought the another guy.. who spoke so gently and like a shy2 cat one was the prince.. . hahhaaa lol~ but however.. when she came back home and met with her friends.. they told her he's not him.. but the very sweet2 guy one is the one.. the girl than be thankful cause she seems doesn't really like the shy2 cat guy so much.. duhh~~ she's not that great to be demanded so much..!!

Well.. I have to stop here..

Huaaa~~ sleepy already.. let's continue latter..

Bluekkk~~~ hahahahhahaaa~~

* well.. as reminder.. this is not a bed time story..

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