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7th August, 2014 : Hello there! It's been a long time. Miss me? *muntah hijau*

10th Oct, 2011
: Yey! LI dah nak habis. So, presentation, log book & report. Mana? Entah... Hehehe~

Saturday, August 7, 2010

screw me.!

Life.. life.. life.. what a life if it doesn't screw you.. your life.. hahahaa~ what laa..?? macam starter novel chapter one pulak rase.. heheheee~~

Well.. anyway.. as I'm still waiting and doing nothing.. I've thought about life.. a bit.. hee~ anyhow.. what is life really all about..?? huhh~ life sucks is sucks.. but sometime.. life sucks is good.. and dengan jiwa kacau right now.. phufff~ I don't know what am I really going to do with this sucks life.. or.. is life really sucks thing..?? pluffh~ what laa..?? again I'm confused with what life is really all about..

Normal life that people gone through was.. [as far as I still breathing till this 21 y-o..]..

We born.. we cried.. we fed.. we shut.. we slept.. time goes by.. we went to school.. primary school.. with those stupid games played with the small friends.. [stupid games ke..??] step forward.. more exams in secondary school.. friends changed to other school.. or we ourselves did it.. SPM good or bad.. nothing to cry on anymore.. life goes on.. now.. some go for further study.. some are working.. and then.. what..?? people fall in love.. people find another work.. people find for extra money.. for what..??

Life of course.. WHY it must be LIFE.?