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10th Oct, 2011
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Are They..?? (Blue and White)

Done with my Business Research tutorial class just now.. so in class.. revised back on chapter 5, Exploratory Research.. Exploratory Research consist of four categories - Secondary data, case study, pilot study and experience..

Btw.. I'm not doing again my revision here.. What I wanna tell is..

While Miss Amelia [our tutorial lecturer] explained on Experience..

Well a bit I know bout experience is interview with experienced people.. senang giler aQ memahami pelajaran nie kan..?? hehehee~~

And so Miss Amelia asked.. "Is experience only can be done with the professionals..??"

So all the students gave their thoughts.. some say yes.. and some say no.. and one of the no answer was answered by me.. ^.~

Then Miss Amelia told the answer.. "No.." so does she gave an example.. "If you wanna do a research on fish.. how it breath.. how it bla bla bla.. who will you meet..??" she continued.. "The fishermen right..?? You will not going to see the CEO.."

And it's that what makes me wonder.. why should people discriminate each other even on what job they are doing..?? should it be only doctors, lawyers, accountants titled as professional workers..?? professional jobs..?? why there must have a 'kolar putih' and 'kolar biru'..?? aren't they need each other..?? even though fishermen didn't go to university to catch fish.. but their experience provided the lawyers wants on eating fish tonight..

Just if there's no fishermen.. there won't have market or shop sells fish.. then.. how will the lawyers.. the doctors.. the CEO buy fish and cook Masak Tiga Rasa or any other their favorites..??

People are really sick.. discriminate without thinking.. labeling and judge people when they feel they're wayyyy better.. and that's why these 'professional' people are paid with high salary.. work in an air conditioner place.. sit on the leather seat.. eat at restaurant.. and those uncles who work under the sun.. sleep in their boat for weeks.. away from wife and kids.. with risk of death in the middle of the ocean.. and people might not find their dead body.. but then.. how's their life..?? can they eat at restaurant at any time they wanted to..??

It's weird.. but this is the real.. but yet.. I still don't understand.. maybe someday I will.. or.. I wish maybe someday people will change..

I don't know if I am mistake with my thought.. but this is how I feel.. people are too greedy and berlagak.. oppression in every where.. the power oppressed the weaker.. why don't just help each other..??

The world is dying cause of the sick people.. how pathetic.. -_____________-"

*Think what I didn't write. Got me? ^.-