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10th Oct, 2011
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Friday, April 15, 2011

It Was The Days - When I Fell then I Stand Up

It was when, there was a boy.
Who gave me smile, and he gave me hope.
But then, he left me cause he chose
to choose other girl instead of me.
He made me cried alone in the shower. It was nearly exam week.
And I almost ruined my future. So I stand up.
I tried to be strong.

It was when, there was a boy.
Who was so sweet and kind. He gave me smiles too.
A lot of smiles.
He took me to the movie, paid me for the foods.
He treat me like a princess. He nearly made me
forget about the first boy.
He gave me hope, too.
But then, hope is just a hope
when he trusted other more than he trust me.
Well, you know a relationship can't be build
without trusting each other.
So I decided to we just be friends.

It was when, there was a boy.
Who was so funny and as crazy as me.
He can accept the way I talk, the way I joke.
More laughter I got when we had chat.
But then, He wasn't so brave enough to get what he wanted.
And we just be silent until now.

It was then, there was a boy.
He's cute and warm.
We met while waiting for the train.
His unexpected funny behavior that made us to talk. Hahaa~
He was really gentle.
And it was a long story when I just knew He is actually
belong to someone else.

We met the wrong persons for so many time. We got heart broken, even just for no reason. We hate and we curse. But then, still, it won't change anything. Is it just to release, only if you please.

No matter how jealous I'll be when I see them happy, but trust me. That is what I really wish.

It still now, for all that happened.
Me, and the boys are still connecting.
Even just through the Facebook.
When they smile, I smile.
If they get hurt, I touched.

Cause I,

i never wish for that! :)

Yes, I never wish for people I care to be sad. I never wish for people I love, to get hurt. Cause I am very please, to release them. As I know, it is needless for me to just hurt myself. Even I felt the pain, but it was then. It WAS the days.

The days that makes me open wide my eyes
to see the characters.
The days I had learn to think and think.
The days where I've been taught to be stronger,
even much stronger.
The days when I knew, what best for me and my heart.

And for that, I really Alhamdulillah and thank to them for braking my heart. Cause without them, I never know that there's a place, where someone are better, created by Allah specially just for me. InsyaAllah. :)

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