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7th August, 2014 : Hello there! It's been a long time. Miss me? *muntah hijau*

10th Oct, 2011
: Yey! LI dah nak habis. So, presentation, log book & report. Mana? Entah... Hehehe~

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Kevin Zahri's Smile! :)

Since I am soooo obsess with Kevin Zahri now.. ehem~ ehem~ nothing much laa.. just heart his smile.. :) and err~ his err~ body.. can I.......??? hahahhaa loL~

Ya ya.. I just heart his smile.. promise.


i heart laki orang - kevin zahri. LOL~ conform kena marah ngan Rahman Hassan, kan Syazwani Ahmad Sibi?
April 8 at 8:52am ·  ·  · 

    • Syazwani Ahmad Sibi sjak biler ko jd c fasha sandha nieh huh....???!
      April 9 at 3:12am · 

    • Dan Daisy i heart je ok..
      sbb i tao nt mesti putus punye..

      April 9 at 6:02am ·  ·  1 person

    • Rahman Hassan fasha sandha pun x kawen tp rampas..haha
      April 9 at 10:15am ·  ·  1 person

    • Dan Daisy pe ni rahman..??
      bhs mlyu plisss..

      April 9 at 3:33pm · 

    • Rahman Hassan haha aku sndri xphm..sory mamai2
      April 9 at 4:02pm · 

    • Syazwani Ahmad Sibi hahahahaha tahu puwn...
      xphm k prasaan sorg wanita huh...??

      April 9 at 4:36pm · 

    • Syazwani Ahmad Sibi hahahhaha bongok kau na...
      April 9 at 4:45pm · 

    • Dan Daisy heart je ok..
      xde lbey2..
      senyuman dye menawan la..
      Rahman Hassan ko cari kan aQ laki senyum camtu k..

      April 9 at 8:44pm ·  ·  1 person

    • Rahman Hassan aku mmg buka agensi cr laki org..kakaka
      April 9 at 8:59pm · 

    • Dan Daisy bukan laki org la ronggeng..!!
      laki yg senyum dye macam kevin zahri si laki org..!!

      April 9 at 9:00pm · 

    • Fiza Nazuwan uit Dan Daisy, aku pon heart laki org la ----> aaron aziz.. mana aku nak letak 2 org ank dia eh???
      April 9 at 10:33pm · 

    • Dan Daisy eah~
      y tu pun aQ heart jgk..
      body dye sweet..
      kiut kn ari tu tyme abpbh ms dye kne focus ngn camera..

      April 9 at 11:00pm · 

    • Fiza Nazuwan Aku x sempat tgk la abp aritu, haih -_-"
      Cmne ni weh, laki org mmg hot2 la, haih lagi skali...

      April 9 at 11:25pm ·  ·  1 person

    • Dan Daisy sbb celebrity..
      mmg la hot..

      April 9 at 11:26pm · 

    • Syazwani Ahmad Sibi aku puwn nk jgela!!!
      c josh duhamel!!!!!!!!!

      April 10 at 7:00pm · 

    • Fiza Nazuwan Owh kalo mat salleh, aku mau jared letto!!! Tp dia gay kah?? Ayoyoyo...
      April 10 at 9:18pm · 

    • Dan Daisy 
      aQ mao ..
      err xtao a nk plh mne..
      aQ ske laki mlyu..
      knpe dye gay plak..??
      sbb dye - cinta ko ke..??

      April 10 at 9:23pm · 

    • Fiza Nazuwan Ntah, bukan eh dia gay? Yes!! Owh, dia x sempat tolak cinta aku, sbb slame ni aku sbok bercinta ngan chad michael murray, hahaha!!
      April 10 at 9:36pm · 

    • Dan Daisy 
      nak gak amek calon aQ..
      aQ amek chris pine la..
      blue eyes..
      blue eyes..

      April 10 at 9:42pm · 

    • Fiza Nazuwan Hoh, sexy2! Bgs, now kita sume ada psgn yg hot lg sexxxyyy!!!
      April 10 at 10:05pm · 

    • Dan Daisy haa~
      untung kte single kn..??

      April 10 at 11:25pm · 

    • Fiza Nazuwan Aaaaaaa, hahahahaha.. Ye betul2.. Wanie ada 12 ari je utk jd sngle, ;p
      Monday at 12:54am · 

    • Dan Daisy 
      yez2 sangaaaattttt la betul..
      kena tag ni..
      ingat tu Syazwani Ahmad Sibi..!!
      Rahman Hassan juga..
      tp dlm ms ni rahman ko jgn ske chris pine aQ pulak..

      Monday at 8:22am · 

    • Rahman Hassan hahaha rmai ppuan ske laki dh kawen..klau cmtu aku nk cpt2 kawen la..hahhahaa
      Monday at 11:08am · 

    • Fiza Nazuwan Hahahaa, sngal, tp betul la, aku setuju!
      Monday at 1:52pm · 

    • Rahman Hassan kau setuju ape eja? setuju aku kwen awl n ppuan len ske kt aku? hahaha mrh kan org tu..huhu
      Monday at 2:02pm · 

    • Dan Daisy ok..
      laki dah kawen tu celebriti ok..
      ko celebriti ke..??

      Monday at 4:33pm · 

    • Fiza Nazuwan Syazwani Ahmad Sibi, ko tgk weh rahman ni, hahahah!! aku setuju yg rmai prmpuan ske laki dah kawen, sbb laki yg belum kahwin lak ske kat prmpuan yg dah kawen dulu a.k.a janda, hahaha... aku setuju ngan ko Dan Daisy!!
      Monday at 4:34pm · 

    • Dan Daisy tp ja..
      mksd ko ckp tu..
      xkn nak kawen patu cerai..
      ho emm geee~
      simpang lrg aji taib ok..

      Monday at 4:36pm · 

    • Fiza Nazuwan tak2, maksud aku...maksud aku...isyh, aku pon dah tak tau dah maksud aku apa, hahahahhaha!!!
      Monday at 4:47pm · 

    • Dan Daisy minx Rahman Hassan terangkan la..
      dye kan loreal men expert..
      *muntah jap*

      Monday at 4:48pm · 

    • Rahman Hassan aku pun artis xmen la malaywood..aku standard2 hollywood je..haha eja, siyes aku xphm statement ko..haha
      Monday at 4:49pm · 

    • Fiza Nazuwan xmo2!! tolong jgn wat aku muntah sebelum tiba masanya!! hahaha
      Monday at 4:49pm · 

    • Fiza Nazuwan tu la psl, aku pon dah tak paham..., biasa la, cuti2 ni otak tepu (ok, kalo tak cuti pon sama) -_-"
      Monday at 4:50pm · 

    • Dan Daisy tah~
      aQ pun xnak muntah skrg..
      kuajaQ rahman..
      aQ ptot muntah sbb pregnent..
      bukn sbb statement ko..!!

      Monday at 4:50pm ·  ·  1 person

Hhahahaa~ ok.. it was just for fun.. ;)

I love Kevin Zahri's blog actually.. I found it just few weeks ago.. I don't know how I found his blog.. but once I read it, I fall in love..!! bahahaha~

I never thought of the real way to lose weight.. ok.. DIET.. hehehe~ but after I read his blog, I've learnt so many things!

Daym~ all this while I read bout the Hollywood celebrities' story on diet activities.. do the sit up for thousands.. I always wonder..

" hello~ kau ada masa eh nak buat sampai beribu..??"

"eh~ tak sakit pulak badan ko tu ke? oh~ dah biasa kot.."

And so finally I found the right person to talk bout this topic.. and for somehow as I read the blog, it happened that I followed the way too.. and for the three weeks semester break.. ehem~ yesterday I go for timbang, I lost 6.6 pounds.. ahakz~ I loiikkeee~

I've become excited when then I decided to buy his ebook. I bought the all ebook package - consist of How to Lose [and Gain] 5 Kgs in 5 Weeks ebook[s], 25 Calorie Savings Tips ebook, 45 Craving Tips ebook and..... banyak lagi la ebooks.. Males la nak senarai. Nak tau kena beli la.. ;) I don't know why did I buy the ebook, cause I really don't have any niat to kurus. I really love how I look. I love my body as well.. maybe it's just because of Kevin.. ok.. freakin freak statement! hahahaa~

And yesterday, I started to seriously read the ebook.. the first chapter is already quite interesting.. cause got some math calculation to do.. hahh~ budak finance memang suka pegang calculator.. :) ok, don't worry.. there's no algebra or any add math theory you need to remember.. it just the simple calculation that make you become interested to continue to read until the last page! well, I bet you will be more excited to learn more! and even get excited to lose more!

When I count the calories I needed, my BMR is 1373. Kalau kalori kita panggil apa? Kcal eh? Never mind.. What important here is the numbers. So I multiply with 1.2 to count the DCR.. Aih~ Maklumla.. Hidup aQ nie memang duduk je kerjanya.. Pastu tido. Best giler bohsan. So my DCR is 1647... Haa~ sikit kan kalori aQ perlukan. [only if I count it right.. Hehh~]

So I gone through the ebooks.. In it, there are tables of the estimation on how much calories burned for activities that we do per hour.. and.... it just come through my mind to ask Kevin on..

@ , berapa pembakaran kalori semasa wanita melahirkan anak? :)

And he replied..

Kevin Zahri
haha depends on how long dan cara seseorang melahirkan anak :) RT @: berapa pembakaran kalori semasa wanita melahirkan anak? :)

Hoh~ hopefully I won't burn so much calories when I get deliver someday.. ;p

Honestly, the ebook and all those tips that Kevin had shared, they are really helpful - in the right way and of cause, save money as well.. So for those who think of to lose some weight, just follow his advices.. you will never regret it.. well.. hello.. It's Kevin Zahri.. this is his field.. this is his experiences.. so, do you have any doubt on him..?? uhh~

p/s: actually it's a blog or a website eh? err~ ;p