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10th Oct, 2011
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Friday, April 29, 2011

When I Was 18, A Stupid Crushed Begin To Teach.

I am cleaning up my room tonight, cause Mak has been noisy since few days ago. My cousin, Aman is getting married this weekend. His family is going to stay in our house for few weeks. They are coming tomorrow, and everytime Mak asked "bila nak kemas bilik kamu tu? Jumaat dorang dah nak datang". I just knock my head and said "Haa~".

Finally tonight, I really have to clear all the trash out.

As I'm clearing my study desk, that I just used to put my bags on, I see a box that I 'rescued' few days ago. I take a look all the 'things' inside it. What a rubbish? So I throw it. There are so many price tags. Most of them the jeans price tags. Hahaha~ I wonder why did I keep that.

I also found.. hmmm~ PICTURES! So many small pictures. I looked at it one by one. There was my team Bumble Bee picture, my baby niece Aqish, and few of the Diva's pictures - Me! LOL~ And finally! The few last pictures was three pictures of a guy who I was admired when I was in Matrix.

Hahahahhaa~ What I did was. "Daym. Why are these pictures still 'alive'?". So I decided to just put them in the dustbin. Wallah..!! :)

Since the story already came out, why not just doing some flash back tonight, about him. ;)


His name is Amirul. I first saw him when we were in the orientation week. He really did catch my eyes on him.   On that time, the super cute boy is only him. Dah angau la katakan. So the whole year I've been crushed on him. There are so many things 'happened' between me, him, and my roommates. The worst, I did something stupid that cause me an awkward atmosphere with my team mate in Bumble Bee, Najib, who is also Amirul's friend. Even though Najib says he's ok with it, I still will run for thousand miles if I bump on him anywhere, anytime. Malu siot. -__-"

The most stupid thing, I cried for him. And I am shame on what I've done. To all my roommates who was support me then, thank you so much for your willingness hearing my annoying tears falling down that time. I really can't figure out why did I cry for him just for some unreasonable reason. I was really immature stupid girl.

On the last day, I mean, our really last day in Arau, Perlis, I texted him to meet at the lab to take some pictures as for my sweet memory meeting and knowing him. I was really excited. So we met. He came with his friend, and I was bravely came alone. It's good that he came along with his friend, so someone can help to snap our pictures.  I still remember that we took pictures at the stairs. And just after few pictures had taken, my heart started questioning me 'why am I adore him?" Cause I really feel like I have no feeling at all on him that time. Hmm~ I go back to my room and I showed our pictures to my roommate, and she was really surprised. I smiled, but deep inside, I still wonder why am I wasting my time admired him for the whole year, when I finally really don't know the thing I've saw in him.

It's really glad that these feelings that finally is nothing, truly ruined my future result. Deym.

It was really a shame, stupid and immature thing that I ever done in my life. But I am sure it wasn't me, cause I know I just

Ok. Fine! I admit that I was too young and idiot. But somehow, I think it was a great experience. It was funny  that I used to like him from maybe on the first day we were in matrix, and that feeling just removed when we going to be a part. ;) Oh, by the way, either it is good or stupid, experiences, always make us be better.

* The characters are not their real name, and this story, are not listed hear cause I nearly forgot bout him. Heh~  *