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10th Oct, 2011
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Harapan Nak Holiday!

Yes! Harapan je! HA.RA.PAN!

Teruja lah sangat kan bila Rabu hari tu dapat conformation dari company untuk buat praktikal kat sana.

Sekali tadi, 4.41 petang! My phone rang. A called from who? Puan Mlinda, the lecturer who in charge to handle the practicum students. What does she want?

Oh well, she called to inform me that she's not satisfied with my application to do my practicum there. The reasons was;

1. The company put me on the Marketing department while I am studying in Finance field.

I understand your concern to your students to have their real world experiences based on what they have studied, but let me clear something here;

(a) Not such a reason even a company putting you on the right department or not, but all you learn is filling and photostatting! Few of my friends who are doing their practicum now are having problems on doing their final report! Why? Because they have nothing to write about their you-so-called-experiences!

(b) Most of the companies I have called, they wanted students in their Marketing department. So, I should stop feel guilty on rejecting their offer. Well, I save my time from going to the interview, right?

2. They have an issue with that company.

But when I asked what the issue is about, she didn't want to tell me, yet it is confidential. Okay, I know it is confidential and you're so good doing your job professionally. But can you please tell me either it is cause from the previous students or maybe the company itself create the unacceptable issue. Not that I want the whole story to be told.  That's it. Cause whoever would know that sort of problem can be settled once you sending a 'middle man'. Am i wrong?

Whatever the reason, I believe Puan Mlinda wanted the best to all her responsibilities (the students). Thanks so much. :)

But could you please UPDATE the company lists in the BCI? Don't you think it will be easy for you and the students?

Huh~ Thought that I would have the same holiday as the others. Seems like I have to worried bout my practicum, again! :(