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10th Oct, 2011
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Notebook - Too Good To Be True?

Ya! aQ baru tengok The Notebook. Oh ohh~ Macam biasa, tengok dulu poster.

And this is the most touchable sentences I felt when I watched the movie.

The sacrifices that they made for one's happiness, the appreciation to each other - Oh it's so romantic! But isn't it just too good to be true if there are really got people like those whom in the story? How sweet eh?

Oh, I am so in love with the part yang dorang naik sampan kat tasik banyak itik putih tu. Permandangan dan suasana yang sangat-sangat sangat lah awesome! Tapi jangan tanya aQ kalau aQ fobia dengan tasik tu atau tak. Sana ada banyak itik ok, banyak itik! Hahahha~

But one thing that damn stupid, sempat jugak aQ fikir;

"Apalah payah sangat pompuan ni. Kau buatlah solat istikharah,
kan senang."

Geh~ Dorang tu al-kafirun, mana tau solat. Doa ye lah dorang tau. Hehehe lol~ ;p

So, this movie is really lah really a good choice for a couple to spend time having one of their romantic activities. Ehem~ Kahwin dulu eh. Takut tertiru aksi-aksi dalam tuh pulak. Heheh~


The house!

Oh no. I'm just so crazy bout house! Homefield, if you please.... -.=

Oh, and not to be missed;

So cute! ^___^