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10th Oct, 2011
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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Interviewed by AlJazeera

I love how the way he answered the questions. Good try sir. Good try.

The best part when he says;

(wow~ so nice of you, sir)

"your JOURNALIST behaving like an ACTOR"
(how bout RTM and TV3, sir? Are they good? Yes right?)

(and hiding?)

"this is DEMOCRATIC country"
(are you sure, sir?)

"We are ALLOWING protest"
(someone explain me here please...)

"Pardon? Pardon? Pardon? I can't here you. I can't here you!"

"Yes it is ILLEGAL protest."
(why is it so if this is a democratic country?)

"We have .............. in Malaysia"
(I bet you heard what King Mizan had decree, sir)

"NO POINT to having a protest"
(ahh~ I know now they're doing for fun, right sir?)

LOL~ As a Malaysian, I bet WORLD are laughing at use, sir.

Thank you for ruined it more with your emotional answered, sir.

Wait sir,

This is how they end up the protest. (hope if you watching this too)

And this is how you start to 'control' the protests.

Taken by Al-Jazeera

Hope you wont respond like this,

"Tanjat boboy~"


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P/S: Menunggu laporan pengalaman dari Afif, Ku Li dan Faiz Asyraf!



shuffey.armie said...

cool gile respon die kan?

and it's not Burma'Myanmmar...zzz

[AMR]ReenaRawee said...

guess someone is still sleeping....