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7th August, 2014 : Hello there! It's been a long time. Miss me? *muntah hijau*

10th Oct, 2011
: Yey! LI dah nak habis. So, presentation, log book & report. Mana? Entah... Hehehe~

Friday, July 15, 2016

Mengimbau Kenangan (lah sangat)

So, here I am again. Forgetting my lovely blog, that used to be my mencurah segala isi hati place. Bagai habis madu sepah dibuang, beginilah aku dengan Kira Bintang aku. Haha!

So, macam biasa, tiba-tiba eh! Teringat kita ada blog la. Meh skodeng. Tetiba terfikir, masih ada kah orang update blog & follow blog & baca blog? Lol. Of course it's not me. Heihei. Hahahaha.

Melihatkan pada pencapaian penulisan blog aku, bagaikan tahun lompat exam PTS (la ni takda dah) darjah tiga terus ke lima, begitu juga blog aku ni. 2015 takda, 2014 ada, 2013 pi mana tak tau. Meowmeow~

Anyway Kira Bintang, I miss you so much. Ya, jiwa ada sakit baru nak cerita sini.

Ah, malas lah cerita. Nak kerja. Bye! 😜

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


It's been a month since I visited Osaka. God. I really missed that place. Since our parliament members (from the Blue colors side, of course!) always said, "kalau tak suka, pergi tinggal kat negara lain". So, I've made a list of countries in case of the parliament members become 'zombies'. You know, tak da otak.. Hehe, I know it's not funny. it's not mean that I don't love my country, but I love myself more. Hahahahaha!

So these are countries I wish to be their resident *wink* :

1) Germany

This is the country that I just chose blindly at first - like 12 years ago? Just because of their fussball bund. However, when time goes by, I've become more mature (I think so), when I've become a person who knows to use Google (hehehehe), I read on people's experience. The one who stay in Germany, how the government manage their country, the economy, the mentality of the people, I don't mind to live in any part of land in Germany (except in prison of course), or Europe. *wink*

Own experience: Not yet. One fine day, Insyaallah.
Members : Husband, maybe? Kekekeke~


2) Osaka, Japan

(View from Floating Garden Observation)

I had my experience to stay in Osaka for six days (5 days actually, since we have to go to airport early in the morning on the last day), with my other two friends, Ili & Sai. People would say Osaka is a nice city, that have so much fun like theme park (Universal Studio Japan), shopping place (Dotonbori), their other attractions (Floating Garden Observation - which I love the most) and etc. and nice foods. For me, what I like the most through my experience is the people. Can you just imagine, every time you looking at the map for searching the road, there must be a nice person who just come to you (without you asking) to help you. Even though some of them can't speak English at all, they still want to help, and even willingly walk together with you to the place you wanna go. This is just the top reason I fall in love with Japanese people. The city is not too crowded like Tokyo, neither too traditional like Kyoto. It's just nice and calm.

Own experience: 26 Sept 2014 - 01 Oct 2014
Members : Ili & Sai


3) Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Just to see the island itself from the boat is enough to make my heart melt. The moment the boat stop at the jetty, look at the clear blue green water, and the fish happily swimming, I know if I have to choose, I would never want to go home. When I were there, me and my friend, Zai had made a mistake - we left our bags in hotel (at the reception, to be exact, with my passport and all the money). Since our plan is supposed to go to Phuket after visiting Phi Phi Island, so it's kinda stupid decision we made. When we arrived at Phi Phi Island, the gate counter guy help us to call our hotel, without requesting any tips. He even refused when I forced him to accept the money. Even the bag lady give us a mat for us to sit while waiting for the boat (to go back to Krabi - too bad, even though we already have our bags). Of course, the hardest moment when I left my smartphone in the tourist van - see, double stupid mistake. Haha!

Own experience: 12 Dec 2013 - 15 Dec 2014
Members : Zai


4) Mecca, Saudi Arabia

I don't think I like any other thing in Mecca. I am scared to see their cars, because I can say 99% of the cars had experiences a minor accident. So you can imagine how is their level of patience. I only wish Mecca is the place when my last breath end (normal death please. Not by an accident). Amin. 

Own experience: 23 Apr 2014 - 04 May 2014
Members : Mak, Ayah & Ila

I wish I could travel more. So boleh la perasan Mak Enon konon-konon negara-negara tu nak terima kau jadi rakyat dorg!! Hahahahaha~


Thursday, August 7, 2014


Bosan kat ofis, tiba-tiba teringat aku ada blog. Terus menggagau otak fikir apa nama bog aku. Kah! Nasib dapat ingat, walaupun ambil masa beberapa minit.

Weh! Last post December 4, 2011? I thought it was just a half month ago. Ok. lies! It was like 2 and a half years, right? Oh my.

Now I wonder where my time went past.

.......  *after another few minutes* .......

Hahaha! I know! I stop blogging since I started my job! Wow~

Al maklum la.. Dah tak belajar, mana nak buka lappy. Guna smartphone katanya kan. Duh~

So I went through all my posts. What a shame. I was so immature. I was a badmouth (a bit. Sometimes - try to be honest here. Hahaha). I wasn't a clever girl either *sad face*.

Whatever I did, it was me. I apologize for my words that I intended to talk about someone or anyone personally (even no name mentioned). I apologize for my words that might hurt any person whether s/he has read my blog or not. I apologize for my stupidity.

Hope to receive your (and their) forgiveness.

I would like to wish,

Salam Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Dear Blog

Dear Kira Bintang,


Well, that's all I wanna say.


Best Regards,

Monday, October 10, 2011



Sebenarnya, apa yang orang selalu fikir?

Bala? Sebab banyak buat dosa?


Pahala.. Allah sayang kita, uji kita supaya kita ingat kembali kat Dia?

Heh~ Pahala dapat kalau kau sabar dengan ujian Dia je..

Kalau dah jatuh pun mencarut bagai.
Kena timpa tangga lagi la tah apa keluar dari mulut tu, ye dak?